Drug Discovery

Snowdon provides a unique solution to the problems of efficiency and productivity in drug discovery by integrating an array of advanced tools with proprietary information technology to more efficiently discover new drugs and harness the flood of new disease-related protein targets presented by genomics. We believe that our technologies offer an attractive solution to the resource and productivity dilemmas facing drug discovery.

Snowdon’s discovery platform is built for speed, economy, and maximum success rate. Driven by innovative computational tools and techniques in chemometrics, cheminformatics, and pattern recognition, our discovery platform enables us to rapidly identify high-value molecules from an in silico library of 10+ million comprised of in-house compound collections and commercially available compounds, which can then be synthesized or purchased in small quantities for initial biological evaluation. Additional computational filters predict whether selected molecules satisfy key requirements, including high binding affinity for the intended target, acceptable Absorption-Distribution-Metabolism-Excretion (ADME) profile, low toxicity, and synthetic accessibility. Our approach enables rapid progression from “hit” to “lead” in the drug discovery process, and allows us to focus only on the most promising drug leads. The more cost- and time-consuming steps of structural optimization via medicinal organic chemistry and biological evaluation are reserved exclusively on drug prospects with a strong benefit:risk outlook. Supported by its innovative suite of computational tools and years of experience, Snowdon  strives to help scientists deliver breakthrough pharmaceutical products for the marketplace and for the patient.

Snowdon employs computational tools as key elements of drug discovery to maximize cost and time efficiency and increase our success rate. Our discovery platform accelerates the identification of prospective drug candidates starting from the very beginning of the project. In silico filters are implemented to select only the most promising hits for further consideration. This approach allows rapid progression from “hit” to “lead” in the drug discovery process, and enables us to quickly generate prospective drug candidates.