Myocardial infarction and stroke are the most common causes of mortality and morbidity in the developed world. The Holy Grail in the treatment of these cardiovascular diseases including stroke is the development of safe and effective “bleed free” oral antithrombotics. The first-generation drug clopidogrel has been a major success, yet liabilities due to its bleeding profile as well as non-responders leaves ample room for improvement.  Snowdon is pursuing an innovative alternative therapeutic strategy that effectively “turns down” rather than “turns off” platelet aggregation required for blood coagulation. This strategy arose by recognition that platelet aggregation proceeds via two redundant pathways, viz., the Gas6-TAM pathway and the ADP-P2Y pathway. Studies in mice have demonstrated that selectively inhibiting the Gas6-TAM pathway while keeping the ADP-P2Y pathway intact results in “bleed free” anticoagulation. Exploiting this finding, Snowdon is developing a novel family of small-molecule therapeutics that effectively block Gas6-TAM signaling in platelets. Our preliminary studies in mice demonstrate these Gas6-TAM inhibitors reduce the size of thrombi with no signs of adverse effects and, importantly, without bleeding events.